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Studio Rules


Our waiting area is strictly for parents to observe lessons. Please do not disturb the teachers or the class during lessons. Please do not bring other family members and visitors during classes, which causes our waiting area to become overly crowded. We have special visiting days for this purpose.Please do not allow your children to play near or block the glass doors and windows in the waiting room. Young children are not allowed in the side hallway that leads to the stairway. The steps are dangerous and the area needs to be kept clear at all times. Children should not be left unattended or be running in the waiting area or dressing rooms at any time. NO food or drinks are permitted at Nardi's, with the exception of bottled water and special class party treats. We ask that our visitors do not bring food or drinks into the dance studios. Our dancers have special areas and permission to snack between classes.


Students should leave their street clothes in the dressing room and bring only their purse, dance bag and shoes with them into the classrooms. Please try to use the bathroom before starting your lessons, boy's dressing room is the men's bathroom. Please be quiet and courteous at all times. We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles. However, anyone found touching other students belongings in the dressing room will be expelled from the studio.


Good attendance is expected for all classes. Lessons should not be missed unless the student is ill. Any student missing more than 3 lessons during recital time (January-June) will be reviewed by their teacher and the Director to see if they are capable of performing in the show.Students need to be on time for their lessons so they do not miss the proper class warm-ups or disturb others who have begun their lesson.


Our students will perform in our highly professional dance production held at the Zoellner Arts Center in June. These revues help each student gain poise, confidence and performance experience. Some of our students are training for a career, while others are studying for fun & enjoyment. Students who have committed to being in the Recital in June are expected to attend


These practices are mandatory! Anyone who misses the stage rehearsals will not be permitted to perform in the show. Please mark your calendars now! The complete show week and dates are printed one year in advance.


You will be notified for winter weather closings by e-mail, or by checking the website at You may also call the studio for updates and make up dates.


It is important to provide and keep your e-mail up to date at all times for news, reminders, updates and recital information. You may also like our Facebook page or find our Nardi Alumni Group page.