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Studio Parking Regulations


  1. Please park your car in the lined parking spaces in the lot. Double parking is prohibited.
  2. DO NOT at any time park in the turn around zone near the end of our lot. Please use this area to turn around if the lot is full.
  3. If the front parking lot is full, you may park at the rear of our building. This is the courtesy of our friend and neighbor Mr. Chrin. Again, please do not double park.
  4. Do not block the parking lot by parking along the fence or other areas that will block the flow of traffic in and out of our driveway.
  5. Do not park or drive in front of the main entrance of the studio where indicated, this can be very dangerous with young children coming out of the building. Please drive slowly and carefully at all times.
  6. We would like to request that our visitors coming to the studio DO NOT use our parking lot and front yard areas to play other sports-type activities or leave your children unattended.
  7. Nardi Studios is a smoke free environment, please do not smoke anywhere on our school's property.