Director's Bio

Tammy Rampulla Liiro

Executive Director and CEO

Miss Tammy has been a professional teacher and choreographer for the past 44 years.  She has been the co-owner and Artistic Director of Nardi Dance Studios since 1982.  She began dancing at the age of 9, and obtained her earliest training with the late ballet Master Alexi Ramov of the Metropolitan Opera Ballet.  It was under his direction, she studied and performed with the Lehigh Valley Ballet Company and was the recipient of several Performing Arts Scholarships for intensive summer study with many notable professionals.

Later, Miss Tammy became an Artistic Member of the Ballet Guild of the Lehigh Valley Teachers Co-Operative Workshop, a program that was developed by Ramov for serious dance educators.  As the founding member of Regional Dance America, Ramov worked continuously to raise the teaching standard of ballet throughout the Northeast Area.  Sensing a need for quality dance education in the Lehigh Valley is what began her lifelong journey to follow her dream and become a dedicated dance instructor. 

As her career became more prominent Miss Tammy continued to enhance her dance education and study the influential styles and technique of many Master Teachers throughout the tri-state area, which included frequent visits to the The Broadway Dance Center, and Steps on Broadway.   Along with Ramov, she accredits much of her dance influence to many people throughout her career including veteran hoofer, Jimmy Sutton the author of "Fascinating Rhythms" and former National Tap Chairman of the Council of Dance Teacher Organizations known today as the National Dance Council of America.

Her appreciation of jazz dance was enhanced by the teaching styles of many teachers, including Radio City Music Hall Rockettes, Romayne and Mary-Ann Strilka, author and dance lecturer Jean Sabatine, Germantown Dance Theatre director Jean Williams, New York dancer, entertainer and choreographer Natasha Baron.  Miss Tammy was also trained in tap and American Ballroom Dance styles by Nardi protege, Robert Liiro. She continues to re-energize the studio with legendary masters and business seminars at the Dance Teacher Summit each year in NYC.

Before having two children in the early 90's, Miss Tammy spent time choreographing for Community Theatre and Light Opera Company which included the productions Kiss Me Kate and The King and I.

Miss Tammy is proud to see that many Nardi students have received scholarships to pursued their dance education, and have had outstanding college and career opportunities becoming working professionals in many areas of dance and theatre. Many of her graduated dance students are dance educators or operating their own dance studios, both locally and throughout the US. She is delighted when her students express that through dance they were able to enrich their lives by having the self-confidence, poise and discipline that it takes for any career and a successful life.