Recital FAQ's


How do we get Show Tickets?

All dance families make a ticket deposit, which pre-reserves them 4 guest tickets. Additional tickets should be ordered on the ticket order form provided with any special requests written directly on the order form. A free mothers pass will be included at ticket pick up which gives our dance moms access to the backstage area and a reserved seating area during the show. Only moms with the mothers pass will have access to these restricted areas. The shows are general admission.

Can you fulfill requests for my family and friends who need special seating accommodations?

When you hand in your ticket order form, please write any special accommodations necessary. Such as “my dancer’s grandfather will be attending recital, and has a wheel chair, please provide a wheel chair accessible space”. This is your opportunity to let us know of any special requests you may need for recital seating. We will do our best to accommodate. Please hand in your ticket forms as soon as possible so you have the best chance at us fulfilling your requests.

Can I bring a 2-3 year old to watch the recital?

Yes, absolutely. Our recital is a family affair! However, every person who enters the auditorium must have a ticket. Children may sit on an adults lap once in the theatre, but must have a ticket of their own to enter the auditorium. This policy is to honor fire safety codes for the safety of our audience and dancers. Children who are unable to sit through an entire performance should not attend our show.

When do I get my recital tickets?

You will only receive your recital tickets when your account balance is at zero. Parents will pick up their ticket envelope at the stage tech rehearsal.

Can I record video or take pictures at recital?

Not necessary, everyone will receive FREE video and photos of any or all performances, done by a professional photographer and videographer attending each performance. It is discourteous to distract our audience members and performers with shining light from a camera or phone during the show. 

Should my dancer(s) arrive with hair and make up ready?

Yes! We encourage dancers to be all set to slip on their costumes and take the stage. This ensures you have enough time and all the resources you need to get ready.

Can my dancer bring food and drink in the dressing rooms?

The only food and drink items permitted are water and any snack that is not messy to the area or the dancers in costume. NO NUT PRODUCTS in the designated areas. There is no food permitted in the auditiorium.

How long is the show?

Our show runs about 2 hours long.