"I am so grateful for my daughter’s experience at Nardi over the last 4 years. She has always been a shy child, not really sure where she was going to fit in. It wasn’t until she joined the studio that she discovered her passion for dance. Dancing helped her come out of her shell and build her confidence. From the excellent communication to the beautifully talented dance teachers to the well coordinated recitals, this studio has been all around outstanding. It is proven every time my daughter leaves the studio with a huge smile, pure joy, and eagerness to return. We are so blessed to be a part of the Nardi family."

  L. Corvino (Nardi Dance Mom)

"We have been a Nardi family for over 11 years and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. Watching my oldest daughter from the start to now has been an incredible transformation, to see the level of skill and technique she’s gained from the amazing teachers. They know what she’s capable of, know where to push her limits but know the boundaries as well. It’s been our home away from home and both myself and my daughter have so many wonderful friends in our dance family! Now seeing my youngest follow in her sister’s footsteps is double the joy. In just two short years, my 4 year old has gained even more confidence, great skills and a love of dance and acro!

The growth isn’t just in dance skills for my girls but there’s so many things learned here...critical life skills that they will carry through so many experiences throughout their life, hard work ethic, camaraderie, team work, precision, self-confidence, discipline, independence, balance...and not just on pointe shoes...but balance in life. Learning how to handle your dance schedule while still being a student first and keeping your grades up...it’s been amazing to watch. My girls love the teachers and staff at Nardi, they’ve become family to us. And finally, Nardi Dance Studios puts on a recital like no other. The level of professionalism is unparalleled...from the choreography to the costumes, music selection, the lights and special effects, sound system and theatre, you’ll feel like you’re at a Broadway production!!"

  K. Kasper (Nardi Dance Mom)

"Nardi Dance studios has made a significant impact on my daughter’s life.  Not only does she receive proper dance instruction, but she has flourished with each of the teacher’s inspiration and encouragement from year to year.  Nardi Dance Studios is her second home."

  L. Miller (Nardi Dance Mom)

"Nardi Dance Studios has been a second home to me since the young age of 3 years old. I am a 2018 graduate of the studio and can truly say I would not be anywhere near where I am today without the immeasurable lessons learned inside these studios doors. My 15 years of training here has allowed me to follow my dream of pursuing dance as a career, as I am currently working on my degree in dance from Muhlenberg College. None of this would have been possible without owner and operator Miss. Tammy or the amazing teachers I had to opportunity to train with during my time at Nardis. It truly is a welcoming atmosphere where everyone has your best interest in mind and has a clear love for dance, not to mention they are all like a second family to me."

  K. Casagrande (Nardi Alumni 2018)

"Nardi Dance Studio has played a vital role in my life and now my daughter’s life as well. I danced at Nardi’s throughout middle school and high school cherishing every second of it! Fast forward 10 years, I have a new level of appreciation bringing my daughter here and introducing her to the world of dance. Looking beyond the aspect of dance, Nardi’s also teaches and encourages individuals of all ages to have confidence and be strong while creating friendships. It is truly such a beautiful thing to watch my daughter’s passion for dance grow at the same place where I found my passion for dance."

  J. Yurko (Nardi Dance Mom and Alumni)

"Our daughter began dancing at Nardi Dance Studios when she was just 4 years old.  To say we knew, almost immediately, that we had a lifetime dancer on our hands would be an understatement.   From the moment she walked into the studio and met Miss MaryJo she was hooked.  Now, almost 7 years later, she, quite literally, does not stop dancing. Ever. 
During the past 7 years we have watched our tiny preschool dancer grow into a confident, determined, and outgoing preteen.  She participates in a variety of dance classes/styles and is a proud member of the Performance Company.
The teachers (and office staff!) at Nardi have provided much more than dance instruction.  They’ve provided stability, constructive criticism, motivation, determination, drive, and family.  They consistently push her to grow and challenge herself.  They encourage her to be a leader with her peers.  They allow her to be herself and to feel confident and comfortable. 
Many people make the “they’re like family” statement... but here... we mean it.   The incredible teachers and staff have taken the time to build relationships with not only the dancers but their families as well.  Nardi Dance Studios truly is our home away from home."

  H. Monti (Nardi Dance Mom)

"Today was my daughter's first day at this studio. I am so happy to have finally found a quality dance studio. As a former dancer ,I know the qualities a good studio should have. I knew within the first 5 minutes this was the place for her. The smile on her face the whole way home confirmed our decision. So excited for her to have a positive experience!" 

  - Lee Spag (Nardi Dance Mom)

"Amazingly talented and creative dance teachers, excellent communication with parents, highly professional recitals. Truly the best of the best. This weekend marked the 18th year in a row that I've had daughters in a Nardi recital. My heart is filled with gratitude to Miss Tammy and all of the teachers here for being a huge part of my daughters love for dance over the years. Recital time is such a reflection of all you've taught them and it brings tears to my eyes every year. God bless all of you." 

  Michelle Walker (Nardi Dance Mom)